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Norfolk Natural Living cedar balls protect your garments and linens from moths, mildew and odors. Made from pure cedar, they’re gently aromatic and create a pleasant scent.

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What are cedar balls used for?
Cedar balls are used to repel moths from clothing. Anybody who has lost a beloved garment to our nocturnal friends will understand the benefits immediately!

Are cedar balls dangerous for moths?
Cedar balls don’t harm moths at all. They just don’t like the smell, so they stay away.

Are cedar balls dangerous for pets or children?
No. Cedar balls do not post a threat to pets or children. Other than the inherent choking hazard, so we obviously recommend that we never let leave them unattended.

Do cedar balls use chemicals to repel moths?
No. Our cedar balls are not treated in that way. They don’t need to be – moths just really don’t like the smell!

If moths don’t like the smell, does that mean I won’t?
Not at all. They don’t smell of anything other than wood. They won’t leave residual smells on your clothes. Moths have a very good sense of smell.

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